the strong blue line

winning is more than surviving

the project

America’s law enforcement officers make up a thin blue line of protection between citizens and chaos. This thin blue line is under attack like never before. Officers are being assaulted and even murdered for no other reason than the uniform they wear.

The Strong Blue Line project is a cooperative effort by churches to show their appreciation for their local law enforcement officers by providing them a valuable resource that will help them body, soul, and spirit.

the book


Retired police officer, Pastor Tim Rupp wrote Winning a Gunfight to help officers win. Pastor Rupp draws from his career as a police officer, homicide detective, sergeant, and now evangelical pastor to help officers win body, soul, and spirit. The book is a straight forward approach to what a person goes through in a gunfight. Officers need to be prepared: ethically, mentally, and tactically. That equates to body, soul, and spirit.