the strong blue line

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the strong blue line

winning is more than surviving

the mission

America’s law enforcement officers make up a thin blue line of protection between citizens and chaos. This thin blue line is under attack like never before. Officers are being assaulted and even murdered for no other reason than the uniform they wear.

The Strong Blue Line mission is a cooperative effort by individuals, churches, and businesses to show their appreciation for their local law enforcement officers by providing them valuable resources that will help them body, soul, and spirit.

the books

Retired police officer, Dr. Tim Rupp wrote Winning a Gunfight to help officers win. Dr. Rupp draws from his career as a police officer, homicide detective, sergeant, and evangelical pastor to help officers win body, soul, and spirit. He went on to write four more books, Pistol in the Pulpit, Suicide is Not an Option, Moral Injury in Policing, and Winning is More than Surviving. These books address the challenges that clergy, officers, soldiers, and chaplains face each day, with hope for the future.

the seminars

The Strong Blue Line serves law enforcement professionals by providing training and valuable resources that helps officers win - body, soul, and spirit. Tim and his wife Sherry travel across America teaching seminars and providing copies of his books to our clergy, officers, soldiers, and chaplains.


the radio show

Retired cop, pastor, and author Tim Rupp is out to make the thin blue line a strong blue line by giving law enforcement officers the tools they need to win tactically, mentally, and ethically—or body, soul, and spirit. More than just talk, Cop Talk equips and empowers cops to not just survive but thrive at work and at home while serving in a profession that is becoming less respected and more difficult each day.


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