12 Day Israel Tour

The Strong Blue Line Ministries
invites you to experience Israel with
hosts Tim Rupp, Adam Davis,
and Paul Verhoeven

Join Tim, Adam, and Paul as they travel to the hillsides where Jesus delivered the Beatitudes, sail on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus taught and walked, sit on the slopes of Mount Hermon where Jesus was transfigured, and enjoy the beauty of the Holy Land. We will travel to Jerusalem and see the city that God said he placed in the midst of the nations. It was the city that David took and where Solomon built one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of God. We will journey just outside the walls of this city, where our Lord was crucified and where he was resurrected.

Come experience the trip of a lifetime as the Bible literally comes to life as you walk where our Savior walked.

Tour is being rescheduled for 2025, more information to come soon.


Download the brochure to read all the details.