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books by tim rupp

Vengeance is Mine

It was 1863, America was split by war. Texas farmer and former lawman, Levi Horn is called to serve for the South, leaving his teenage son to watch over the family. A band of outlaws led by a revenge-driven escaped convict attacks Horn’s family and farm. Torn between vengeance and justice, sixteen-year-old Luke Horn sets off on the trail of the outlaws.

Warriors for the Faith

Life is a story. A good movie or book places us “in” the action. We feel like we can relate to, and understand the characters. We cheer for the hero and disdain the villain. Two-thirds of the Bible is written in historical narrative—stories about people. Jesus taught using stories. The stories in the Bible are replete with drama, mystery, and even humor. Like popular movies and novels, Bible stories have intriguing plots of love, friendship, betrayal, competition, murder, and war. Yet, many times they seem boring and we have trouble relating to the characters. Through first-person historical narrative , Pastor Tim Rupp brings biblical characters to life and allows them to tell their stories.