winning a gunfight seminar

Does physically surviving a gunfight mean you won? Not by a long shot. Many people survive gunfights. In fact, most people who are in a gunfight survive. But there is a difference between surviving and winning. Surviving means you continue to exist. Continuing to exist and winning are not the same.

Everyone who carries a gun for personal protection or the protection of others needs to understand what they will face before, during, and after a gunfight. This seminar, which is based on Tim’s book Winning a Gunfight, helps prepare the modern warrior to win in the event they face a deadly foe. This seminar was specifically developed for law enforcement officers and use-of-force instructors. However, military members, armed private security personnel, firearm/tactics instructors, and armed citizens all benefit from the critical topics discussed. Law enforcement officers may receive POST training hours. This seminar meets Idaho POST requirement for Use of Force training. Every student receives a copy of Winning a Gunfight. Contact us for more information.

Date: Monday, April 29, 2024

Time: 0930-1430

Cost: No Cost!

Public Safety Center
1810 B Martin Luther King
Monroe, LA. 71202

Date: Friday, April 19, 2024

Time: 0930-1430

Cost: No Cost!     Lunch: Provided!

First Baptist Church
811 Port Arthur Ave.
Mena, AR. 71953

suicide is not an option seminar

America’s law enforcement officers are significantly more likely to die by suicide than being murdered in the line of duty. For years mental health professionals have come alongside officers with treatment, assistance, and counsel. Yet, the suicide rate continues to increase. Can this ever-increasing suicide rate among these warriors be stopped?

In this four-hour seminar, Law Enforcement Chaplain Tim Rupp approaches suicide from a spiritual health perspective. Rupp argues there is meaning to life beyond the individual. Humans are not only physical and mental beings, but spiritual beings who yearn for a yet to be experienced life beyond. This eternal hope instilled in every person gives meaning to life and a reason to hope. Hope for more, hope for new, hope for better. Rupp believes that this intrinsic hope is a key to reduce the suicide rate among our warriors. Contact us for more information.

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2024

Time: 1000-1500

Cost: No Cost!     Lunch: Provided!

Thorington Road Baptist Church
450 Ray Thorington Rd.
Montgomery, AL. 36117

moral injury in policing seminar

Policing in America is dangerous—especially in recent years. LEOs need to be constantly vigilant. Danger lurks everywhere. But not all danger is physical or even mental. There’s a spiritual danger. Only now is this danger beginning to be addressed in policing.

But who are the experts in this area? Who should take the lead? Physical health professionals tend to the physical. Mental health professionals tend to the mental. Who are the spiritual health professionals?

Author Tim Rupp combines his experience and knowledge as both a law enforcement officer, pastor, and chaplain to address moral injury in policing head-on. Tim pulls no punches. His seminar is straight and to the point. Tim wants to teach officers to be spiritually vigilant to both protect themselves and heal from moral injury. Contact us for more information.

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pistol in the pulpit seminar

Church has traditionally been a place where we expect our families to be safe from physical harm. We expect families to worship without the fear of being harmed or killed. But things have changed. Does a local church have a duty to protect? What about having a trained and armed Safety Response Team? This seminar is based on Tim’s book Pistol in the Pulpit and is designed to help churches plan a proper Christian response to the threat of an assailant bent on killing parishioners in a house of worship.

The Pistol in the Pulpit Seminar will help guide church leadership and the congregation to make informed decisions about implementing an armed team and what that team should look like. After seriously considering an armed Safety Response Team church leaders and parishioners will have questions:

  • What does the Bible say about deadly force protection?
  • Where does one begin getting a team together?
  • Who should be on the team? Who shouldn’t?
  • What about training?
  • What are the personal ramifications of using lethal force?

Retired police officer, Pastor Tim Rupp answers these questions—biblically and tactically in this seminar. Every student receives a copy of Pistol in the Pulpit. Contact us for more information.

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law enforcement chaplains seminar

Following an officer-involved-shooting, chaplains are called on to minister to officers and their families. Knowing what officers face before, during, and in the aftermath of a shooting is critical to effective ministry.

Before a shooting, many officers struggle with the prospect of using deadly force and worry about the potential of being in a shooting. Officers wrestle with questions like, “Will I be able to pull the trigger on another human being?” “What will others think?” “What will God think?” “Does the Bible support the use of deadly force?”

In the midst of a gunfight officers make critical decisions and may experience a number of physiological distortions. Chaplains should be familiar with these mental and physiological stresses brought on by a gunfight.

After a gunfight, officers and their families will have to accept and live with the decisions and actions taken by the officer.

Drawing from Winning is More than Surviving the Law Enforcement Chaplains Seminar helps chaplains to better understand officers’ mindset, training, and the physiological distortions experienced by officers during a gunfight. Contact us for more information.

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about the trainer

Career police officer and pastor, Tim Rupp, is uniquely qualified to address the subjects covered in his seminars. He has over 30 years of police and military experience as a patrol officer/supervisor, homicide detective, internal affairs investigator, and firearms/tactics supervisor. He has trained, investigated, and was personally involved in a police shooting. He holds advanced degrees in Criminal Justice and Ministry and is a Certified Police Instructor with Idaho Peace Officer Standards & Training.

Tim travels across America teaching seminars and providing copies of his books to our officers.

Tim is also available to preach a sermon designed to provide a biblical basis for the decision the church has made to form an armed Safety Response Team.


host a seminar

The cost to host a seminar is trainer travel expenses from Idaho Falls + $500 per four hours of training + $10 per each student for a book.