the mission

why this mission?

America's law enforcement officers are under attack like never before. Officers are being assaulted and even murdered for no other reason than the uniform they wear.

Retired police officer, Tim Rupp wrote Winning a Gunfight to help officers win. He draws from his career as a police officer to help officers win body, soul, and spirit. For over 30 years he has been trying to figure out how to break through the police subculture and reach police officers with the real hope. Most people do not realize this subculture exists and how powerful it is. It’s not uncommon for police officers to become very skeptical and distrusting of anyone outside of the policing culture. Even as part of that subculture, it was hard to gain credibility with cynical and untrusting officers. The recent terrible verbal and physical assaults in the media demonstrates why many officers are apt to become cynical. Tim believes his book will help bridge the gap. “Winning a Gunfight” makes an instant connection with police officers, military members, and anyone who carries or owns a firearm for self-defense or defense of another.

The Strong Blue Line mission is a cooperative effort by individuals, businesses, and churches to show their appreciation for their local law enforcement officers. Our partners are encouraged to purchase a copy of “Winning a Gunfight” for each officer in their community. In larger communities, partners can band together to purchase the book. Not only will this provide officers with a valuable resource and a “thank you” for their service; it will provide a connection between officers and the community. And most importantly it will get real hope to officers and their families.

Please consider supporting The Strong Blue Line mission through prayer and/or a donation for books.

book distribution

Thank you! Your donations are getting Winning a Gunfight into the hands of officers around the country. Here's Officer Greg Stevens (Garland PD, TX) handing out 100 books to officers from Washington, Idaho, and Montana at a Sheepdog Seminar in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Elkhart, Indiana Police Chaplain Jim Bontrager at the annual National Police Week in Washington DC. Chaplain Bontrager gave out 125 copies of Winning a Gunfight to officers from all across the country.